General goals

  1. To promote respect for the role of director
  2. To protect the rights of Macedonian directors
  3. To improve the professionalism, expertise and status of Macedonian directors

Specific goals

  • Preparation of Manuals related to the rights and obligations of members of the Supervisory Boards and non-executive and executive members of the Boards of the companies
  • Organization of trainings/workshops
  • Cooperation with similar institutions abroad
  • Organization of visits to international meetings of institutes
  • Ensuring that the Code of Conduct for application of best practices in the corporate governance is properly adhered to by the Institute’s members
  • Promotion of the Institute of Directors and its mission
  • Organization of conferences
  • Improvement of the capacity of the persons who provide professional support to the Boards of Directors and Supervisory Boards (especially company secretaries and internal legal advisors)