The Macedonian Institute of Directors joined ecoDa in July 2012 as an affiliated member.

The European Confederation of Directors’ Associations, ecoDa, is a not-for-profit association based in Brussels, acting since March 2005 as the "European voice of directors". Through its national institutes of directors (the main national institutes existing in Europe), ecoDa represents around fifty-five thousand (55.000) board directors from across the EU member states. ecoDa's mission is to promote good corporate governance and improve the effectiveness of boards of directors and/or supervisory boards, both by influencing the public policy debate at EU level and by promoting appropriate director training, professional development and boardroom best practice. ecoDa membership includes full members, affiliated members, corporate associates and research associates.

The full members are the following national institutes of directors:

     • Institute of Directors, IoD, United Kingdom

     • Institut Français des Administrateurs, IFA, France

     • GUBERNA, Belgium

     • Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs, ILA, Luxembourg

     • The Directors’ Institute of Finland, Finland

     • Instituto de Consejeros – Administradores, IC-A, Spain

     • The Slovenian Directors' Association, Slovenia

     • The Polish Institute of Directors, Polski Instytut Dyrektorów, Poland

     • The Norwegian Institute of Directors (Norsk Institutt for Styremedlemmer), Norway

     • The Swedish Academy of Board Directors (StyrelseAkademien) Sweden

     • The German Directors' Association (Vereinigung der Aufsichtsrate in Deutschland e.V., VARD) Germany

     • The Dutch Institute of Directors (Nederlandse vereniging van Commissarissen en Directeuren, NCD) the Netherlands

The affiliated members are either directors’ associations established outside of the laws of a Member State of the European Union or of the European Economic Area or alternatively non-profit associations of professionals contributing to the work of company directors. The affiliated members are currently:

     • The Croatian Institute of Directors, HUCNO, Croatia

     • The Macedonian Institute of Directors

     • The British Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, ICSA, United Kingdom

     • The European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA)

     • The Institute of Business Ethics (IBE)

     • The Association "Femmes diplômées d'expertise comptable Administrateurs"AFECA 


The corporate associates are firms that are adhering to ecoDa objectives, they are contributing to ecoDa in financial terms and are participating in the work of ecoDa. The current corporate associates are:

     • The Danish Board Network

     • The Audit Committee Institutes’ network of the KPMG member firms in Europe

     • GermanBoardRoom


Research associate (category for universities, research centres, and think tanks), is:

     - The Canadian « Collège des Administrateurs de Sociétés/Laval University


Contact details

ecoDa- The European Confederation of Directors' Associations
The European Voice of Directors
Avenue des Arts, 41
B-1000 Brussels
Phone: 0032 2 231 58 11
fax: 0032 2 231 58 31